Think of us as your ‘skin coach’.  We love skin and know how much it can change from month to month, even from day to day, and what worked yesterday may not always work tomorrow!

We also know that many skin issues today are caused by a constant over stripping of the skin’s barrier through improper peeling systems, harsh scrubs, imbalances of essential minerals and vitamins, depletion of macronutrients, illnesses, and environmental causes which will lead to many sensitivities, pigment, and accelerated ageing.

Nepean Day Spa | Skin Coach

Nepean Day Spa | Skin Coach

Siobhan is our integrative skin and certified nutritionist, specialising in skin conditions, and HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS to balance vitamins, minerals, establish your metabolic rate fast/ slow or exhaustion phase, and work on foods and supplements to help bring you back to a state of equilibrium.

Wonderful massages for relaxation purposes take us out of the fight/flight mode a lot of us find ourselves in these days which places a huge burden on our system.


Through HTMA we discover what toxic Heavy metals are present in the body. Heavier metals can displace lighter minerals like Zinc which is needed for a healthy complexion. A relative or absolute deficiency of Zinc in part will lead to eczema and stretch marks, especially in our growing adolescent children. On another note, related to calcium, too much of this mineral in the tissues can lead to extremely dry skin, in turn leading to premature ageing. Vitamin A is an antagonist to calcium and will be helpful in combating an overly lipid dry complexion.

Minerals are involved in nearly every metabolic process in the body – which means they are necessary for growth and development. They are essential, but unlike vitamins, minerals cannot be made by our system and must be obtained from the environment through nutrition. Minerals are needed to utilize vitamins and enzymes properly. if these mineral imbalances or inadequacies are not acknowledged, there is a chain reaction of imbalances and deficiencies that lead to illnesses, skin issues, undernourishment, and toxic element accumulation.

Our priority is to provide excellent services and professional advice while delivering results-driven treatments in a relaxing environment. You are our priority, and we are genuinely passionate about helping our clients achieve the best skin and health possible.

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