Hyaluronic Acid. Is your skin thirsty? Give it a good drink with this wonderful skincare ingredient.

In recent months, I’ve noticed many endorsements from celebrities, dermatologists, and beauty articles related to Hyaluronic acid (HA), as a new key ingredient in skincare products.  Just last week, my daughter came bounding into my room after reading about the amazing things that (HA) will do for her skin.

It appears hyaluronic acid (HA) is starting to make big waves in the consumer skincare market; however, in the professional world of skincare; (HA) has been favoured, tried, true, and extensively tested ingredient for many years.

Nepean Day Spa | Hyaluronic Acid

Nepean Day Spa | Hyaluronic Acid

The word ‘acid’ may make hyaluronic acid sound a little intimidating, but it’s nothing to be afraid of.  In fact, this molecule is produced naturally in our bodies. It is an ingredient you want in your skincare regime.  While the largest amounts of (HA) can be found in our skin, it’s also used by our eyes and the connective tissue in our joints. Sadly, as our bodies age, the amount of hyaluronic acid produced declines. This is one of the reasons why our joints turn stiff, and as we grow older, our skin dries out.



Hyaluronic acid acts as a water source for your skin and your connective tissues. As you can imagine, this makes it a key component in your skin’s moisture levels. The natural loss of hyaluronic acid means a decline in the amount of water that your skin cells have access to. This can lead to dryness, sensitivity, and ageing.  Using hyaluronic acid topically helps to rectify this. It gives enough of the molecule to the skin for it to function optimally again. One needs to be aware that; (HA) is a humectant, a hygroscopic substance, which basically means that it can attract and retain moisture from the air/ and environment to hydrate the skin. This is great in areas of high humidity; but the opposite of this is in colder weather, where we find ourselves in heated homes and in lower humidity climates. This may dry out the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is so good at its job. It will take moisture from wherever it can, and if it can’t, it will pull it from the air, and source it to the next best place – your skin. People in lower humidity climates often feel like the Hyaluronic is not doing its job. Drinking plenty of water and adding a moisturiser on top will help to prevent this. Hyaluronic is one of those ingredients that does need a group of other effective ingredients to produce specific biological responses in the skin.




Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Its most revered benefit is how it hydrates the skin.  When you topically apply hyaluronic acid, each molecule draws in water from the air around you. These water molecules are delivered to your skin cells, immediately taking on a fuller and brighter appearance. Not only does your skin look better, but it is also able to function more efficiently.


Fine lines and wrinkles tend to be most visible on dry skin. The way in which (HA) hydrates and plumps up skin cells means that any creases in your skin become less noticeable instantly. Many people don’t realise, however, that this ingredient’s anti-aging benefits are more complex and beneficial than this.


In addition to being a powerful skin-plumper, data shows that (HA) can also help to increase collagen production. This is hugely beneficial in the long run – as collagen is one of the main proteins that give your skin its firmness and volume. The more collagen you have in your skin, the tighter and smoother your skin will be.


Another key hyaluronic acid benefit is its antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties mean that the (HA) ingredient can help neutralise harmful free radicals, which can damage your skin cells and accelerate the skin aging process.


Hyaluronic acid plays a huge role in tissue. Dermatologists often recommend it for people with skin wounds. No matter what the age of your skin is or its type, extra moisture is something we can all do with, and (HA) is the perfect way to deliver it back into your skin.

There are many skincare ingredients out there that are beneficial for our skin, and hyaluronic acid is intrinsically one of them.

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