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This one is close to my heart, having a daughter diagnosed with Type 1 (diabetes) at the tender age of 8.
Throughout the years, I made sure that sugar was strictly well managed in our diets and being a conscientious mother, I was always concerned about my child’s health and skin. We never ever stopped worrying and I would really like to share with you the gems that I have discovered over many years of focus on my daughter’s health and our skin health. Therefore; today’s blog is related to insulin resistance and the glycation of the skin.

Nepean Day Spa | Glycation

Nepean Day Spa | Glycation

This may not sound like an exciting topic, but insulin resistance is detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing.
There are 1000’s of hormones cursing around in the blood, and they control everything from the thyroid, blood pressure, stress response, immune function, heart rate, metabolic rate, and so much more.

Insulin is a queen of hormones; whether you are a newborn or elderly, and it’s crucial to take care of this hormone. It controls the metabolic rate, appetite, blood pressure and the ability to gain or lose fat. Insulin is essential for the steroid hormones (progesterone, testosterone and helps with the conversion of Vitamin D. One of insulins primary jobs is to lower blood sugar and escort glucose into cells for energy.

Blood sugar imbalances can throw the body out of kilter leading to detoxification pathways being depleted, it weakens the gut, creates irritability, foggy brain, tiredness, and can show up as what we call; glycation and cross-linking of fibres of the skin in later life. In saying that, I have seen younger skins with signs of glycation of the skin. Now, this skin issue is one that is largely within your control.

Our skin is significantly affected by glycation and cross-linking. Glycation and cross-linking will cause extrinsic ageing, which simply means it is down to diet and lifestyle.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body with a very slow turnover rate, is cross-linked with sugar molecules during the ageing process. Extensive cross-linking of collagen and elastin through the glycation reaction leads to a stiffening of these normally elastic fibres in the dermis, which reduces the skin’s elasticity. Consequences of Glycation are dry skin, reduced microcirculation, a yellowish skin tone, sagging and wrinkles.

The main offender from Cross-linking is sugar, so let us try to remove what we can from our diets! The free radical release is also a contributor and is generally triggered by UV, smoking, heavy metals (especially from medication) and x-rays.

So, we need to remember that the cells, due to glycation, cannot eliminate waste due to the large clumps of cross-linked fibres; the waste is now accumulating inside the cells. Not only do we now have wrinkled, sagging skin, but there is also cellular garbage inside your skin cells which creates a pigment known as LIPOFUSCIN. Lipofuscins are typically found on the lateral side of the face close to the ears and sometimes around the hairline. I see this Lipofuscin quite regularly, and it has nothing to do with sun exposure! It is the dirty brown spot that just will not go away.

I’d like to introduce you to two amazing and unique products that help fight back against Glycation and Cross-linking.

COUNTER AGE contains a combination of plant extracts, peptides and phytochemicals to provide outstanding antioxidant and anti-glycation activities. This light water-based serum contains DermalRx LuShield, which protects the skin from glycation-induced inflammation and prevents cell loss for ages. For best results, use with Glyco Guard.

GLYCO-GUARD This incredible cream contains a carefully chosen blend of biomolecules to reduce and prevent advanced glycation in the cells. The peptides, plant extracts and oils provide antioxidant and detoxification activities and promote connective tissue preservation.

Eliminating cross-linking or glycation, please eat clean, cut back on sugar, stop smoking and eliminate heavy metal exposure (regular detoxification will help with this). Check out our infrared box) It may be difficult for some as the diet can dictate, but removing even a few of these things will reduce the effects of cross-linking or glycation.


I love this treatment. My skin glows and looks tighter after just one facial. The unique ingredients in this treatment are going to break down the glucose molecules; this will leave your skin looking smoother and allow homecare products to work at their highest potential with a better and consistent absorption rate.
The Exfoliation step will help remove the surface proteins and keratin build-up. The finishing mask will tighten the skin and act as a powerful antioxidant leaving behind anti-glycation properties. The finishing products will prevent glycation from forming and prevent DNA damage.

Indications: Excess Glucose in Skin Fibres, Aging.
Benefits: Reduces Glycation, Anti-Aging Prevention.

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